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ffh mali centre sketches





football for hope center / baguineda, mali

390sm / designed 2009 / completed 2010

curved forms are used for the design to focus on the softness and gentleness portrayed in feminine life. these curved forms sweep through or around every building, holding each element together. this is inspired by the role of the mother as the cement of the family.
the primary buiding is based around the concept of a mother and child with a lifeline in between. the 'mother' (direction) in this project are the office and administration spaces for education, sport and health. the 'child' (learning, growth) of the project are the set of classrooms on the east side of the building. the 'lifeline' links the entrance of the center through the meeting spaces and to the soccer pitch.
the curves also create a variety of fluid spaces within the center, to be used for its many different activities: enclosed spaces, such as the offices and classrooms, which need to be locked and/or conditioned, semi-enclosed spaces, such as the multi-purpose space, to be used for larger classes and lectures, and open spaces, such as the cultural space. the center is designed as a series of smaller elements, as opposed to one larger building, to emulate the traditional west african residential compound. these compounds are usually made of of a number of rounded huts, surrounding an open space and creating different winding pathways in between.