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lws dorm model

lws dorm model





lowell whiteman school dormitory / steamboat springs, colorado

7000sf / designed 2009 / completed 2010

unique design features include:
-the building is broken up into 3 angled segments that help divide the dormitory area from the faculty (dorm parent and intern) apartments.
-the dormitory is built into the side of a hill, which protects and insulates the north side from winter weather.
-a calculated amount of glass on the south side invites the energy from the sun into the building, where it is absorbed by concrete floors
-photovoltaic panels are placed to catch energy from the sun and to act as overhangs for south windows.
-high-efficiency systems are used throughout, included radiant floor heating, led lighting and low-flow water fixtures.
-sustainable materials include recycled wyoming snow fence exterior siding, locally harvested beetle-kill pine for interior trim and hardened dirt exterior patios.
-durable materials, chosen specifically for the boy's dormitory environment include exposed concrete floors, corrugated metal panel toilet wall finishes and beetle kill pine corner boards.